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Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Becher

Medical specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery, special orthopedic surgery and sports medicine

Lecturer at the Medical School Hannover

Specialist for knee endoprosthetics, for joint preserving at the knee and ankle and for Achilles tendon diseases.

Non Surgical Therapy

  • Joint-conserving therapy in case of knee joint and ankle arthritis
  • Lightening therapies with knee and ankle orthoses
  • Creation of individual physiotherapeutic treatment concepts
  • Early functional postoperative treatment for ensuring rapid patient rehabilitation
  • Injection based treatment with endogenous enzymes (ACP) and hyaluronic acid preparations
  • Extracorporeal schock wave therapy to trat pathologies of the achilles tendon and the patella tendon
  • Cryotherapy to reduct pain and states of swelling

Surgical Therapy

  • Knee joint endoprosthetics with gentle techniques and modern implants
  • Exchange of knee joint endoprosthesis
  • Minimally invasive joint-conserving knee and ankle surgery such as axial adjustments and modern cartilage therapy
  • Surgeries of all sort in case of kneecap diseases
  • Minimally invasive achilles tendon surgery

Professional Career

  • 1996-2003 – study of human medicine at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • March 2004–Dissertation (Topic: „Die Technik der Mikrofrakturierung zur Behandlung von osteochondralen und degenerativen chondralen Läsionen am Talus – Einjahresergebnisse einer prospektiven Studie“)
  • January 2004-March 2006 –„ HKF- Zentrum für Knie- und Fußchirurgie/Sporttraumatologie, ATOS Klinik Heidelberg“ , Director: Prof. Dr. med. H. Thermann, Prof. Dr. med. H.H. Pässler
  • April 2006– March 2008– clinic for Orthopedics and Rheumatology, University Hospital Gießen and Marburg– Location Marburg , Director: Prof. Dr. med. S. Fuchs-Winkelmann
  • May 2008– December 2009– Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School Hannover, Director: Prof. Dr. med. H. Windhagen
  • January 2010-December 2010–Clinic for Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery, Henriettenstiftung, Hannover , Director: Dr. med. L. Herold
  • January 2011- July 2011–Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School Hannover, Director: Prof. Dr. med. H. Windhagen
  • April 2013–Habilitation at the Medical School Hannover and attainment of the Venia legendi for the subject Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (Topic:„Biomechanische Evaluation und erste klinische Ergebnisse einer neuen Oberflächenersatzprothese zur Behandlung von chondralen und osteochondralen Läsionen am medialen Femurkondylus“)
  • July 2011-October 2013–Spezialist in Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School Hannover, Director: Prof. Dr. med. H. Windhagen
  • November 2013- November 2015–Senior physician, Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School Hannover, Director: Prof. Dr. med. H. Windhagen
  • Since January 2016–Leading physician at „Zentrum für Hüft-, Knie- und Fußchirurgie, Sporttraumatologie ATOS-Klinik Heidelberg“
  • 2018:–Professorship for Orthopedics

Memberships and roles in professional societies

  • AE – Working group endoprosthetics
  • German Society for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (DGOOC)
  • German speaking work group for Arthroscopy (AGA)
  • Member of the department „Patellofemoral“, German speaking work group for Arthroscopy (AGA)
  • Quality-circle Knorpelrepair e.V. (QKG)
  • German Association for Foot and Ankle e.V. (D.A.F)
  • International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)
  • Society for Orthopedic Traumatologic Sports Medicine (GOTS)
  • European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA)
  • Editorial Board: scientific magazine „Knee Surgery, Sportstraumatology and Arthroscopy“
  • Advisory Board: scientific magazine „Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery“ (AOTS)
  • Editorial Board World Journal of Science

Scientific publications

  • Click here for PubMed articles