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Acromioclavicular joint separation

An acromioclavicular joint separation (also called acromioclavicular joint, AC separation or shoulder separation) is a common injury of the shoulder where the collar bone (clavicle) separates from the acromion. It is also known as a dislocation of the shoulder joint, which is caused in particular by external factors, e.g. an accident, a fall, an outstretched arm, and other external influences. An AC is also a typical sports injury, especially in contact sports as football, volleyball or handball. Damage of varying severity to the capsule and the ligaments may occur, which must be treated medically to prevent consequential damage to the shoulder.

Typical symptoms are pain on top of the shoulder, swelling, bruising and loss of shoulder movements. Often the shoulder can no longer be moved completely. The so-called "elevation of the clavicle“ is also typical: A complete rupture of the ligaments results in the disruption of the AC joint with a visible step deformity of the clavicle. In this way, the acromioclavicular joint can often be seen with bare eye. A medical examination can provide more information about the severity of the injury and the right treatment method.