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Biceps tendon rupture

For injuries of the biceps tendon, which is attached to the shoulder joint at the so-called joint lip, different therapies are possible depending on the type of injury. For younger physically active patients, a detaching from the biceps tendon anchor is recommend, if there is a corresponding slap lesion. To restore its function, the detached biceps tendon is then refixed further out in the sulcus bicipitalis with a special anchor system.

Due to the special characteristic of two tendon insertions of the biceps muscle in the shoulder area, it is recommended that older patients detach the long biceps tendon from the anchor without refixation. The tendon then slips out of the joint and due to instability it causes no discomfort anymore. It then grows together in the sulcus bicipitalis and the tensioning function is guaranteed by the short biceps tendon which is still present.