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AC arthrosis of the joint

AC joint arthrosis is a painful swelling of the acromioclavicular joint. In the course of time, cartilage is reduced and thus - similar to the hip or knee joint - arthrosis occurs. The resulting friction between two unprotected bones leads to pain. In addition to joint swelling, osteoporosis is often accompanied by bone spurs, so-called osteopaths.
Some of these can already be inspected, provided they grow upwards towards the skin mantle. Frequently, nose-like spur formations occur downwards towards the rotator cuff tendons, so that a bottleneck syndrome/impingement also develops here.

Therapeutically, the bony spurs can be removed by arthroscopy / minimally invasive surgery. In addition - depending on the severity of the arthrosis - an abrasion of the lateral joint forming part of the clavicle is carried out.