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Ligament Injury at the Knee (Specialist Prof. Siebold)

Acute ligament injuries of the knee have to be taken seriously. Very often the instability persists and leads to function loss during daily living, sports and at work. Therefore ligament repair is recommended in most cases.

Since more than 30 years we are highly specialized on reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments (anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament) as well as the side ligaments and knee capsule. Many surgical techniques for ACL repair have been developped and published by our internationally well known knee specialist Prof. Pässler and Prof. Siebold.

We offer individual high end techniques of ligament repair for everybody: professionals, high level athletes and recreational athletes. Our experience of thousands of ACL and ligament reconstructions guarantee you the most reliable and perfect result possible with a high chance of fast return to sports.

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