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Parcial Knee Replacement = medial/lateral Unicompartimental Knee Replacement (UKR)

An unicompartimental knee arthrosplasty includes a partial knee replacement. The damaged joint surface is thereby crowned with the prostheses.

This surgical tretament gets implemented wether there is a lateral or medial osteoarthrosis. In most cases the medial joint part is affected: Due to cartilage and meniscus loss bowlegs develop. The load in the damaged joint part increases which leads to growing complaints and a diminished quality of life.

Surgical Treatment

During surgery the damaged joint partners ( tibia plataeu and femoral condyle) are crowned which is similar the the crowning of teeth. Due to the fact that there is only a minimally invasive skin incision and the cementing of the two implants the patients can be alreday mobilized a few days post-op.

Many different prostheses are available depending of the patients height, weight and activity level. The advantage of every single implant is the relatively small bone loss which enables the surgeon to exchange the prostheses with much less dificulty in case of prostheses losening or damage.

The conditions for the implanation of an unicompartmental knee prostheses is a healthy ACL as well as undamaged cartilage and meniscus in the healthy knee area.
Contraindications such as fixated les misalingments or/and serious leg axis devations (more than 10° valgus/varus). Only in a few of this cases an implantation is reasonable.

At our clinic great experiences have been made for over 15 years which is why se anatomical conditions have emerged.
This procedure is performed several times a week by our specialists.