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Osteoarhtrosis of the Knee Cap: Patellofemoral Knee Replacement

The replacement of the patellofemoral articulation ( dorsal surface of the kneecap and femoral condyle) developed and already achieved acceptable results in the late 1970s.
The isolated destruction of the patellofemoral articulation is so extremely rare that the industry rarely strained in order to improve the needed prothesis.
However, some specialists (e.g. Prof Cartier, Paris) focused on a number of improvements so that the survival rate of the prostheses increased to 20 years.

Our philosophy is to protect the healthy articular surface and to replace only the damaged part of the joint.

Since the industry improved the prosthesies functionality we are enabled to offer prothesis which take much better account of the anatomy.
Apart from that there have also been clear improvements on the implantation tools.
In order to assure a stressless prosthesis run the anatomical reconstruction of the strech aparatus is significant.
Besides due to the slight bone resection the change to an other type of surface replacement is technically not difficult.