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Operative Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

Our principal goal is to restore your natural knee joint as much as possible. (For further information please click here >>>)

However, depending on the degree of knee joint destruction and osteoarthrosis partial or total knee replacement may become necessary to regain knee function and to stop symptoms and pain.

Risk factors for the development of osteoarthrosis are:
age (wear and tear), (rheumatiod) arthritis, (wrong) load, nutrition, body weight, metabolic disorders, accidents ( car accidents etc.) and injuries (sport injuries, falls etc.).
osiitis and the bone quality we offer different methods of knee replacement. An individual treatment plan will be proposed to you during your consultation with us at the HKF. When knee replacement will become necessary, we will use a minimal invasive approach to implant the most modern knee implants avaible.

More Information

You can receive more information on different measures and surgeries here: