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The ICO - International Center of Orthopedics - can be found in the ATOS Klinik Heidelberg which is in the center of the beautiful city Heidelberg. The HKF is located on the first floor inside the ATOS Klinik and can be directly entered through the underground car park, the staircase and the elevators.

Besides the ATOS restaurant you can also visit the ATOS lounge for a meal or snack. The opening times are adjusted to our consulting hours.

By car:

From all directions on the motorway via motorway inertsection "Heidelberger Kreuz" , in direction Heidelberg. Turn left at the first traffic light, then right onto the B37 in direction. Continue driving, the river Neckar must be on your left hand side. Look out for the parking guidance system with directions to the P14 parking garage. This park garage is located beneath the ATOS Clinik. It includes reserved parking lots for disabled people and women, a high level of safety thoughout camera monitoring and a direct access to our office and wards.

By Public Transport:

From the main station Heidelberg: Choose one of the following lines to Bismarckplatz
~ OEG line 5
~ Tram line 21
~ Bus line 33 and 34
From other directions and districts there are several direct connections to the Bismarckplatz.