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Hip Arthroscopy

What can be achieved ?

In the last couple of years the arthroscopy became more common for the treatment of hip issues. This procedure developed regarding to the access and surgery technology so that treatments with special instruments in and around the joint got possible. Still this technique is only performed by a few surgeons in Germany because of its complexity.

The advantage of this minimally invasive technique is the protection of the muscular structures around the hip joint. Likewise the hip and hernia pain is less significant which leads to a faster rehabilitation compared to an open procedure.

Typical indications for an arthroscopy relate to disorders of the labrum (Joint lip of the hip socket), the femoacetabular impingement, cartilage injuries with cartilage procedures ( cartilage transplantation, AMIC-procedure, microfracturing etc.) and disorders of the surroundings of the hip joint (tendons, bursa sacs). The complaints of this injuries can already appear while sitting in the car, at work or during sports.

For a more precise examination we use medical imaging ( x-ray, MRI with contrast agent). As a result the cause of pain can be located and the surgical interventions can be planned in detail.
During a hip arthroscopy both the inner part ( central compartment) and the outer part (peripheral compartment) of the joint can be pictured while issues in this area can be treated. Not only the structure around the joint can be medicated ( bursa inflammations, tendon pathologies) but also the hip joint gets expanded under anesthesia so that insertions under x-ray control can be accomplished. With the help of the inserted mini camera and various instruments the disease can be healed.

Depending on the conducted operation we create an individual follow-up treatment for every patient which both the patient and your treating physiotherapist will receive.
This makes the standardized and custom specific follow-up treatment local site independent.

More Information

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