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Revision and Change of Prosthesis

Today, the option of a shaft prosthesis in the tibia area as well as an agility air, especially in defect situations or situations in which a prosthesis loosening appears, enables us to prevent you from arthrodesis (stiffening). The agility air prosthesis demans a very significant bone resection why, from a medical point of view, it is not suitable for primary implantation but for revision or defekt situations.

The prospect for the ankle endoprosthesis is positive: Regarding to the increasing numbers of ankle endoprosthesis implantations, the industrial interest on research magnified, so that ankle endoprosthesis will become the new standart in case of upper ankle arthritis.

A further advantage of most of the prosthesis is the relatively minor loss of natural structure, that is why in most of the cases an uncomplicated stiffening can be proceeded in case of loosening or failure.

During a normal stiffening a 1 cm bone resection is necessary, compared to the bone resection from 1,4 cm after a prosthesis. It can be recognized that the risk of a complicated stiffening after the failure of the ankle endoprosthesis is very low.
There is barely any difference between both stiffening surgeries.