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Posteriore Endoskopie

The posterior endoscopy was inaugurated by Nick van Dijk in 1992. Since 1994 we use this technique in our center. In the meantime it has been valued as a standart application. We also use the method to reconstruct ankle joint cartilage damage arthroscopally. It is implemented with an AMIC-procedure. In case of subtalar cartilage damages only the combination of an AMIC-procedure and stem cells taken from the iliac crest brought valid results.
This kind of arthroscopical technique is perfomed by a few specialists all over the world.

Depending on the damage location an anterior or lateral endoscopy is proceeded. On this occasion additional access in the posterior area and beneath the fibula will be created. That way the specialist gets an optimally insight and is able to reconstruct cartilage or to remove grain and ossifications.

Lower ankle osteoarthrosis often occurs posttraumatic, after heel bone fractures but also because of instability, flat feet or after endoprosthesis implantations. In principle the stiffenting is conducted within the posterior endoscopy with the use of joint debridement and bolting. There are then cancellous bone chips and stem cells due an aspiration inserted. In this way the stiffening is supported biological and a faster healing occurs. This is a perfectly gentle method.
Afterwards the patients are almost pain free and can mobilize their upper ankle during partial weight-baring inside a Short Walker.