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Foot Arthroscopy

The arthroscopy at the ankle joint is known since 30 years. Because of the joint tightness and the technical challenge only specialists perform these procedures. In consequence of 25 years of experience and almost 100 ankle arthroscopies per year and the highest level of international experience our HKF center belongs to the global frontrunners.

There are several reasons for a foot arthroscopy:
Most common are cartilage issues (osteochondral lesions) which often appear in the medial area of the ankle. Those injuries can be fixed during an arthroscopic reconstruction (cartilage transplantation, AMIC-procedure etc.).
Because of our experience with matrix-induced chondrogenesis not only small injuries can be treated but also larger cartilage issues can be repaired. For this procedure partial weight-bearing is necessary.

Further indications for an arthroscopy are for example the so called post traumatic arthrofibrosis, the stiffening of tissue around the ankle after fractures, the removal of anterior ossifications and disorders at the synovia.

We would be glad to advise and fill you in with details during a check-up.

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