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Foot Surgery

The HKF- center for hip, knee and foot surgery offers several procedures to treat injuries around the foot joint.This includes arthroscopic therapy methods which are used for a targeted application in joint diseases. Larger defects can be treated with reconstructive treatments.

If joint-conserving surgery is not an option due to advanced wear and tear (arthrosis) we use further minimally invasive surgery for a upper able joint replacement.
This allows the quickest possible rehabilitation and comeback your normal daily routine.

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Current Information

Erneut haben Patienten eine Note vergeben

Wir freuen uns mitzuteilen, dass Professor Thorey vom IZO der ATOS Klinik Heidelberg in den vergangenen Monaten erneut mit "sehr gut" benotet wurde (Patientenbewertung über Jameda).

Erfahren Sie mehr auf und nehmen Sie gleich Kontakt zu Professor Thorey auf.

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